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Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles

Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles

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No moderator. No elimination. Just werewolves...and vampires...and aliens...and super villains...these people should really move to a different village.

One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles contains all the extra Roles, Artifact Tokens, and Number Tokens featured in the One Night Ultimate Bonus Packs (1-4), with the exception of alternative artwork cards. These roles can be integrated with any of the games in the One Night Series.

Roles Included:
• Aura Seer
• Cursed
• Prince
• Apprentice Tanner
• Beholder
• Thing (that goes bump in the night)
• Squire
• Body Snatcher
• Empath
• Nostradamus
• Family Man
• Windy Wendy
• Defender-er
• The Sponge
• Ricochet Rhino
• Innocent Bystander

Artifacts Included:
• Bow of the Hunter
• Cloak of the Prince
• Sword of the Bodyguard
• Mist of the Vampire
• Dagger of the Traitor
• Alien Artifact

Player Number Tokens:
• #11
• #12