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  • Ever had to wake up and go to a dead-end job? The clerks of America's fourth most-trusted

    cellular carrier feel your pain. This Jog Mobile location just outside of Pittsburgh employs the

    lovable underachiever Devin, under-employed MBA Elena, privileged heiress Parker,

    sarcastic high schooler Rey, former journalist Jerry, and their oblivious dude-bro manager,

    Christian. (Before you ask: No, they can't put that new smartphone aside for you, it's against

    company policy.) Share in the misadventures, from break-room pranks to midnight phone

    launches gone awry; from awkward crushes to nightmare customers. Who will make it to

    assistant manager? Who will make it out of this town? Who knows-these

    barely-minimum-wage drones are just trying to survive to closing time.